"Minahal kita, hindi lang dahil maganda ka
Minahal kita , hindi rin dahil mahinhin ka
Minahal kita lalong hindi dahil mayaman ka
Minahal kita sa taglay mong pambihira"


Ashkan Honarvar - Faces (2009)

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Cheongshim Water Culture Center by UnSangDong Architects

Windowless, as solid concrete helps stabilize in­terior temperatures, which is important for maintaining the machinery that runs around the clock in the underground plant.

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i don’t feel anything anymore

and i’m not going back

into rags or in the hole


Star Wars stamps by artist Stefan Van Zoggel.

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this is my prayer in the harvest

when favor and providence flow

i know i’m filled to be emptied again

the seed i’ve received i will sow